Friday, August 10, 2012

New Digi

Who likes spiders?  NOT me.  I have an extreme, over-the-top arachnophobia/insectiphobia (Is that a real word?)  issue.  So it doesn't make sense that I have an obsession with photographing spiders and bugs.  I've found that by standing a few feet away and using my macro lens I'm able to tolerate insects and spiders in fact, I think they are the most fascinating and intriguing little creatures.
I hope you like the new digi and enjoy my inspiration picture. 
Happy Friday Bloggers and happy crafting! <3 -Kim

One of the many Black and Yellow Argiope Spiders
that "hang out" at Oak Pond.


Pauline said...

This is such a fab spider image! I have a love-hate relationship with arachnids... I love looking at them, but I have a deep hatred for them, and will introduce the big nasties to the broom. I love the character of this image! I've never seen an Argiope spider.. how beautiful it is! For a spider...

Trish and Treasure said...

Great photo and I love how you take your inspiration from home!!!

Linda said...

You have to admit that that is one beautiful spider!