Saturday, February 9, 2013

Music in the Studio and a Free Digi

Happy Saturday Crafters.  I locked myself in the studio this morning to get my latest digi ready.  I've been using my Prismas a lot but I made myself grab the Copics this morning for my new image.  I also want to let you know about a pretty cool website.  If you are Copic obsessed you should check it out.  I just love perusing the talent there.  There are some incredible artists out there.  It has a paper crafting section with some gorgeous cards and projects so check it out. 
OPC's Violin is finally in the shop.
Music makes the world go round, at least it does in my house :)
I've also added some cuddly buddies. OPC Sheep
I also want to share a project of love from my dear husband.  He made this cool copic organizer/carrier for me.  This was an idea from my best friend Jennifer over at Flip Flop Creations whose DH made her an adorable treasure chest carrying case using plastic light grid.
My DH used a carrying tray from the local department store
and plastic light grid from the home improvement store.  The light grid was the most expensive part of this project at $12.95 per sheet.  He secured a bottom layer of grid and mirrored a top layer so I could use this as a carrying case for on the go projects or a stationary organizer in my studio.
It works perfectly!  Thanks to my DH.  Love that man.

Your freebie for a short time only is OPC Hearts.  Grab them while they last and enjoy!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs and Happy Crafting <3-Kim


Linda said...

My goodness Kim, this violin is beautiful. I am sitting here listening to Celtic music on Pandora and your violin pops up on your blog. Fate?

You sure colored it beautifully. Thanks for the hearts freebie.

That Lewis is one talented guy. Me thinks he loves you just a bit.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Kim~My husband made me one of the Copic holders with the plastic bin & the light covers, which I think may be the same thing that your husband used? Let me know all right? What happened with mine is that they are really brittle & I dropped the bin & the light covers, the white that kept the Copics separate, broke into tiny pieces. We are now looking for something that won't be so brittle. Thanks. :)

Oak Pond Creations said...

It is lighting grid and possibly the same. Thank you for this information :)

NanaConnie said...

Gorgeous card, Kim! What a fabulous idea for the markers and what a sweet hubby to make it for you. :-D

Boy, do I wish I didn't have to prove I'm not a robot every time I want to comment. Those of us who are dyslexic have a terrible time reading those fuzzy, crooked letters! Yuck.

Oak Pond Creations said...

I had to turn word verification on due to a ridiculous amount of spam around the holidays. I'm sorry this is making it difficult for some. I will turn WV off for a time and see what happens. Happy crafting everyone <3

Lola said...

Oh my! That really is a wonderful and thoughtful gift!!

Charlene said...

Wonderful new images. And how wonderful is your dh for making you that fabulous storage case? You are a very lucky "girl". Thank you so much for the hearts image.

Stressed Stamper said...

ace copic holder - obviously my hubby does not love me enough to make me one!..