Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sketchbook News: Wonderful Wednesday!

Good morning friends!  The weekend is getting closer and I'm certainly ready for another 2 days of sketching and crafting.  I have two more illustrations in the sketchbook that I'm finishing up and should be in the shop soon.  We have a few wonderful entries in the Birthday Bash Challenge.  Don't forget to link up and join the fun.  You have until April 30th to enter.
 Spring is the time of year when bugs, birds and bees invade Oak Pond.  We must have some of the most delectable flowers, luscious leaves and munchable grass this side of town because we get swarmed with wildlife and insects.  Today I want to take you on a tour to meet some of our spring-time occupants.
Before we begin, I will tell you that as a wife and mother, bugs are gross.  I do not allow bugs in my home and I'm terrified of spiders.  But oddly enough, as a photographer, I can't keep my self from spending a lot of time observing and photographing them, from FAR away of course, using a zoom lens.  Insects have become very cool and all of them are beautiful in their own way.  Get the bug jars and butterfly nets and follow me.

This is a Black and Yellow Argiope spider.  They can grow up to 4 inches.  They are an artsy arachnid.  They design a lovely web with a perfect "zipper" pattern in the  middle.  They spend the entire day perched in the center of their web and if you touch the web lightly, the spider moves it's legs to cause the entire web to bounce like a trampoline.
OPC's Not so Spooky Spider was inspired by these gals.
Our next occupant is a bit strange but don't worry, we haven't been invaded by aliens...
 Praying Mantis are one of my favorite insects.  They are able to pivot and turn their head which is fascinating to me.    When approached they will look right at you and make eye contact.  It's really cool.  These gorgeous green insects keep our garden pests at a minimum.  Some species can look rather scary when threatened or if you meet them on a bad day.  OPC's Menacing Mantis was inspired by this guy.
Our final visitor of the day must have had a long night...
We have oodles of tree frogs at Oak Pond.  Very small in size but a very loud voice.  They come in a variety of colors from this shade of earth tone to bright green.  I just happened to find this one napping on the fronds of our Sago Palm.  Of course this little critter inspired OPC's frog collection.
Chin Up Frog
Flower Pot Frog
I hope you've enjoyed your springtime tour at Oak Pond.  All of these images can be found hopping around the Etsy Studio.  Just click on any of the images above to visit.  Have a perfect day.  Hugs and happy crafting!


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