Friday, August 16, 2013

Tutorial: Altered Indie Notebook

Good Saturday!  Today I'm sharing my "Altered Indie Notebook" tutorial.  This little 3 X 5 index card book is handy for keeping notes or ideas,  lists and to-do's. I truly enjoy creating altered journals and notebooks from scratch.  This idea is not original to me but like many, I put my own spin on things and invite you to join me and create this fun little notebook.  They make great gifts.
Here are a just few of my Altered Indie examples:


Supply list:
Chipboard or heavy cardboard
(I avoid corrugated cardboard. It can bend under stress causing a crease in the book covers.)
3" X 5" index cards
Metal Grommets
Grommet Setting tool
Hole punch
Designer paper
Metal Binding Clip

Cut 2 pieces of chipboard/cardboard at 3" X 5"
 You can punch holes now or wait until the end.  If you choose to punch holes now, make sure to avoid wrapping the same sides of the covers or you'll find your binding holes on opposite ends!  At every step, make sure the binding holes mirror each other.
Wrap the covers:
Cut the paper wrap at " 4 X 6"
Use a strong adhesive or paste to secure the wrap to the outside.
bend your paper flaps to the inside, fold and tuck paper corners, then secure the flaps to the inside as shown below.
NOTE:  If using wet glue, it can cause enough moisture in softer cardboard/chipboard to make the covers warp.
Press the wrapped covers between two heavy, flat objects until dry to ensure shape retention.
I have about 3,000 buttons thanks to my dear MIL.  I use one on every journal and notebook.
To attach a button closure, thread a button from the outside of the front cover to the inside and leave a tail.  (shown below)  Tack the tail with adhesive to secure it until you get the inside cover secured.
I use twine with my button closures.
Thread the closure ribbon or twine from the outside of the back cover to the inside. Again, leave a tail as shown below and secure it until you cover the unfinished inside.
(binding holes are mirrored!)
The front and back covers wrapped and showing my button closure method
Use a strong paste/adhesive and seal the inside of each cover. 
You can use designer paper or plain recycled paper as shown in this example.
Once the covers are completely wrapped and dry, place the grommets using a setting tool and hammer.
Add a binding clip and embellishments to your Indie Notebook.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Hugs and happy crafting this weekend :) -Kim

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Linda Compton said...

We were using mine on Friday night. Love the colors in this one Kim.. you are so right. They are fun to make too