Monday, March 3, 2014

Sketchbook News: What's New and Free digital Stamp for March!

March has arrived and warmer weather has finally made it to South Carolina, USA.  March brings warmer days and of course, National Craft month.  I think I would be safe to assume that March is every one's favorite time of year.
Happy Crafting!
My new illustration began from, not happy, but chaos and frustration. *sigh*
We all have days when nothing goes right, right?   Well, I've have three full weeks of it and before I knew it, this guy ended up on my sketch pad.  I personally think he's pretty darn funny and that my friends, makes the frustrating times worth it.
Oak Pond Introduces:
 Grump Fish
Grump Fish is now in the studio.
Click the image above to swim on over.

Your March Free Digital Stamp is Tropical Flower:
THE MARCH FREE DIGI HAS EXPIRED. Check back soon for April's free stamp!
Please do not post copies of my free digital images anywhere on the Internet or world wide web.  You are welcome to copy and paste a LINK to this post for others.  Copyright is retained by Kim Hecker of Oak Pond Creations and Angel Policy applies.  Thank you!
Hugs and happy crafting!


NanaConnie said...

I love Grump Fish and will be purchasing him as soon as I get back home. Sorry you had to have 3 weeks of frustration to get him but he's fantastic! :-D

Charlene Mitchell said...

I love Grump Fish Kim!!! You named him perfectly! Sorry you have had such challenging weeks - here's hoping March is a much better month for us all :-) I already have this gorgeous Tropical Flower but thanks for offering it to others who don't! xx

hoptownracer1 said...

Thank you for the beautiful flower you shared! Love it! :)

(AJ) ArtJypsy said...

Gorgeous. Thanks.

Jacq said...

Grump fish is the perfect name for such a grumpy cutie! Sorry to hear times have been frustrating, February was kinda of like that for me too so here's to better days ahead! :)
Thanks for the gorgeous flower.