Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sketchbook News: New in the Studio!

It's the last day of April.  Do you know what that means at Oak Pond Creations?  It's the last day to get this month's free digital stamp.  If you hurry you can still grab it here:
I'm glad spring is in full swing at Oak Pond.  This past month, the thermometer took us on a roller coaster ride.  We went from freezing ice to 90 degree days and everywhere in between but the sunshine and warm air are finally here to stay.  Dear husband, Lou started planting the veggie garden this week and our boys are very excited (rolling my eyes) that it's lawn mower season.
This time of year it's hard for me to stay inside the house but I've managed to add some new images to the studio.

This is Oak Pond Creation's Camel
My niece is graduating Campbell University next week.  Their mascot is a camel named Gaylord.  Just had to create this guy!

Oak Pond Creation's Crown of Thorns.
A reminder that He is risen and we can do all things through Him :)

Oak Pond Creation's Rooster
This guy has been on my sketchbook for quite some time.  We spent many years raising chickens at Oak Pond and our Rooster Georgie was a total crack-up.  

The real Georgie struttin' his stuff

I hope you have a wonderful, creative week.  Hugs and happy crafting!

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