Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gaylord in Color and June's Free Digi!

Good Morning crafty friends.  It's a  perfect Tuesday here in sunny Myrtle Beach.  I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are.  I'm back from a two day flash trip to New Jersey with mys sister.  We drove up to visit our dad.
Here we are at our favorite diner:
 On Saturday we hung out with dad, watched some television and listened to stories from his childhood.  He was a small child during the World War II era.  He remembers collecting tin-foil pieces and nylons with his mother for the war effort.  His parents gave him a nickle or two a week to take to school and after saving $18.75 in nickles the family would get a $25.00 war bond.  He stood outside his house waving at the troops leaving for war and wondered how many of the boys he waved to would come back home.  Dad tells wonderful stories and has some great memories to share.
We had a nice weekend together. I love and miss you dad :)

When I travel, I always take a sketchbook, some images and my Prismas.  You never know when you'll sneak coloring time in, right?
I did find a bit of time to color between stories, during our History Channel marathon.
I colored Gaylord the Camel and here he is featured on my greeting card.
I use Prisma Pencils when traveling.  They're more portable than my Copics and cost less to replace if I happen to lose one.  The paper is Recollections Card stock.  Gaylord the camel can be purchased at the studio.  Click the watermarked image below to be transported:

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a fabulous week!
Don't forget to grab the
Hugs and happy crafting.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sketchbook News: Going to Alaska and a Free Digi for June

Howdy friends.  I hope you're having a happy June so far.  I'm here to post your free digital stamp for June and show you where I've been and what I've been working on.  I was lucky to visit Savannah, Georgia USA last weekend.  Savannah is a historical masterpiece filled with art, music and architecture.  The perfect place to get lost with a camera.  I also stopped by Bonaventure Cemetery just outside the city.  Have a look at a few photos from my trip.

Seeing all those photos makes me want to go back!
OK, focus! Moving on to studio business :)
I've completed my first commission piece of art.  I sketched this piece for my dear mother in law, Marie.  Marie and I searched for a gift for her friend, Diane, who lives in Alaska.  After browsing through every local store in Myrtle Beach, we came up empty-handed.  Marie told me that Diane loves Irises so after some thought, I pulled up a few photos from my Iris garden and sketched this piece.
This sketch is moving to Alaska and I hope Diane likes it :)
You can purchase Oak Pond Creation's Iris as a digital stamp at Oak Pond Creations Digital Illustration Studio.  Click on the watermarked image below.

Your free digital stamp for June:
OPC's Butterfly
June's Digi is now expired.  Check back in July for another free digi :)

Please do not post my free digital images anywhere on the Internet/world wide web including Pinterest or Facebook.  You may post a LINK to this post.  Angel Policy and copyright apply to all Oak Pond Creation images.  Thank you!