Greetings from Myrtle Beach!
My Name is Kimberly and I started my paper obsession in 2010 when I was introduced to card design by my dear friend Jeni.  Like you, I've been hooked ever since.

I use my love of photography, nature and the outdoors as inspiration for my sketches.  Animals are my favorite subject.  I feel that every living creature has their own personality and I focus on that personality when creating a character on paper.
 I also get ideas from my home and surrounding property, Oak Pond.  My family enjoys the outdoors  and our property hosts, a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, mammals (domestic and wild) birds and native flora.  We also rehab wildlife when the opportunity presents itself.  Take a look at some of our successful rehabs.

My dear husband, Lou, found an unoccupied corner of our house and put together a small studio area where I can create.  I know the family appreciates eating at the dining room table again!  Lou is the best <3.

My Studio

The Heckers through the years :)

Evan, Lou and Ethan

Ethan, High School Graduate

Disney (we LOVE Disney)

 Disney Animation Studios

Thanks for visiting and Happy Crafting!